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Constructive philosophy
We are always looking for new solutions. Once these have proved to be better, are then applied progressively on all our machines, even if this leads to an increase in the cost of their production.

It follows that the machines manufactured by us will be particularly appreciated in all those cases in which the characteristics of degree of finish, accuracy, reliability and ease of programming out of the ordinary are required.

Range of vertical-axis machining centers available
We have five different machine structures between them to technical specification and dimensions. On each of these structures, we can mount one of the three types of spindle head of our construction thus becoming able to offer a variety of machines and models particularly numerous, as shown in detail from these web pages.

EC machinery series
There are three models, starting from 400×300 up to 1.200×2.000 mm. Are indicated in all those cases where the removal capacity demand is limited, but combined with a great speed of execution.

M machinery series
Compared to the previous series have a much more rigid machine frame and can be mounted spindles, always our construction, having a much higher material removal rate. There are two structures of different machines.

Special machines
Thanks to our flexibility, we can take into account the implementation of machines with specific characteristics based on the individual request of a customer.

Feeder equipment parts to work
We have various systems of automatic feeding pieces. Manufactured by us, are driven directly by the CNC does not thus placing any problem of integration towards the machining center that must be fed.

Our Production

The primary objective of those who use our machines is to obtain, beyond the great precision, a degree of finish and reliability beyond the norm.


This is the link to download the .pdf file containing our production program updated to January 2019: (Only in Italian)
Programma di produzione 2019
(190101 - 1.0 Mb - 16 pages)

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