The basic concept of this machine has established that the three axes (XYZ) were on the head.

This allows to have a base at the center practically empty characteristic that allows both a good chip evacuation and the possibility to install additional devices handling/positioning of the work piece such as a swivel rotary table.

Starting from a single frame and using two different types of electrospindles, we created a series of machines especially numerous suited to resolve a large series production requirements.

Jog of 0.2 microns

Axis displacement in nanometer way
If the machine was purchased complete with absolute encoders on linear scales, it is possible to program movements of axes with values well below one micron (eg, 0.2 micron).

This result was made possible by the following factors:

– Great quality and cleanliness of the signal coming from the position transducer (manufactured by Heidenhain)

– Wiring of the transducer performed to perfection

– Large integration between Cn and drives (both built by D.Electron) in such a way as to be able to drive the movement of the value thus reduced. In particular, the calculations of the position and driving of the motor on are performed in floating point format in 80 bit

– “Last but not least” great care in the design and construction of mechanical construction of the axes