Reliability: first value of a machine
The first rule to follow is to give maximum importance to the reliability of the machines produced, starting from design, continuing with the extreme care taken in the selection of the components used, making sure that the installation is performed in a workmanlike manner and performing all a series of tests and inspections in the assembled machine. Even if the service requested was very prompt and helpful, nothing will be more efficient to a fault that does not occur!

Single source of responsibility
For any type of problem of origin both mechanical and electronic (Nc included) we are the single point of contact to which our customers know that they can approach to get the solution of his problem. Please note that all spindles are manufactured by us and therefore its support is made by us directly.

History of the interventions made
Each machine is accompanied during their lifetime use of a technical dossier in which there is the BOM, the list of failures that this machine has had and all the technical assistance activities carried out. This applies to all machines to Nc manufactured by us and therefore also for machines having well over twenty years of life.

Retrofitting made directly by us
With the passing of the years may be that one or more components from market are no longer available. When this occurs we the ones who study the retrofitting related to mount components of actual production in place of those no longer available. Even these retrofitting are reported in detail in the technical dossier of the single machine.

Internet support
At the design level we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the first technical assistance intervention, which consists in identifying the origin of the problem in progress (which is far from easy to accomplish), is carried out by our support staff Via the internet. On all our machines, the TeamViewer connection program is installed. With this tool, we are able to take control and query remotely the machine under analysis. We can remotely modify all machine calibrations (including calibration of axle drives). Performing a large part of the normal maintenance work can be done directly by the end user of the machine, such as replacing an electronic board or a complete axis drive.

Predictive Diagnostics (Paid Service)
Starting in September 2017, we have put into operation our Cloud Pear. The basic operating data of the machine and the various Cn alarms are stored automatically in our cloud. They are then analyzed by our staff to understand in advance when a particular component is becoming critical and this is to prevent, if we have been good and even a bit lucky, the occurrence of a machine stop. As a small additional service from Cloud Pear, it was given the opportunity for the customer to see what work is being performed by the machine and this from mobile phones both in Android environment and IPhone.

Direct sending of our staff
Obviously, in more complex cases, the problems will be solved by sending our technicians having the necessary electronic or mechanical skills to solve the problems in progress.

Our Production

The primary objective of those who use our machines is to obtain, beyond the great precision, a degree of finish and reliability beyond the norm.


This is the link to download the .pdf file containing our production program updated to January 2019: (Only in Italian)
Programma di produzione 2019
(190101 - 1.0 Mb - 16 pages)

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