It’s the early 60s that the Pear participates in the main fairs. At the time the trade fair was the Milan Trade Fair, which typically took place in April and had a yearly basis. Slowly but inexorably this was replaced by the specialized fairs.

Obviously we followed this trend and began to exhibit our products at the main sector fairs, but even they have lost, are losing progressively importance at least that’s our opinion.

In a world that “rotates faster and faster”, when a company needs to know the state of the art of a certain productive sector certainly can not wait for the opening date of a trade fair.

Thanks to the Internet and to the various search tools you can find easily and quickly, by now for many years, an impressive amount of data from which to identify possible partners to establish a direct contact.

Here beside you show only the exhibitions that we have participated since our web pages have taken the current graphics. By the way, Pear has been present on Internet since 1998, although with a limited number of pages.