Set of Works

Execution of a Series of Working
This program is a real supervisor with whom you can send in work one or more programs.

If present a device for feeding pieces automatically, it will be possible to select the piece relative to send in work and in assigning possibly also a number of different origin than that originally provided by such processing.

It is also possible to apply the factors of symmetry on the work involved and if there is the necessary hardware it is also possible to be sure that the program assigned the execution of a single work is compatible with the dimensions of the piece sent in the works. About this performance were developed control systems different from each other in relation to the types of processing to be performed.

This program is used frequently even if there is no auto-mount device of work piece. In this case, are mounted on the working table several pieces to be performed on various number of origins and then thanks to this program will be executed sequentially.

If during the execution of the manufacturing one or more tools were no longer available due to breakage or excessive wear, this program will continue to send in work programs that include the use of tools still intact even if programmed, in the sequence of machining operations to be perform, in one of the following positions.