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Peace: Run your machining with the usual ease with which print a document!

When we decided in 1982 to produce our first machine center, together with the design of the machine, we started with the development a conversational programming system easily suited to create also unique pieces.

The machine operator is not required to learn the ISO code programming, especially if created Parametrically, reaches such levels of complication to be hardly justifiable.

Starting then from the demands of the individual operator, the difficulties encountered in the realization of the single piece, macro after macro option after option we managed to put together a complete programming system and at the same time simple and friendly to the operator.

Small/medium machining complexity can then be performed directly with our software on the machine or possibly installed (this free of charge) on one or more PCs in your corporate network.

For complex processing of course the use of a structured CAM is recommended without this has reduced the importance of our soft, indeed has improved in that allows greater integration between your Cam and CN.

With the slides that follow, that were created with version 2.5 by March 2013 from our program, we try to give a very quick idea of what we did. For those interested in deepening the topic must necessarily proceed with an individual demo which could be done remotely in Telecare.