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Tool identification
Unlike the vast majority of work centers on the market, the programming tool type chosen is NOT identified by the number of tool pocket, but from a file name directly set by the operator.

The attached slides show the main parameters of a default tool file, named “OTN\ FrC\01_00”, which corresponds to 1 mm diameter cylindrical tool suitable for the machining of brass.

Of course it is also possible to mount more machine tools with the same name and be called sequentially in the event that, through the use of the preset tool length, has been detected the rupture or excessive wear.

File sharing tools between multiple machines
If you have multiple machines you can share files between all your machines tools in such a way as to call the usual tool with the same name on all your machines. Special safety regulations allow the continuation of regular if for any reason the server on which you have stored the files tool should cease to operate regularly.