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Purpose of the measurement probe
a) To store the values of a new origin. For this purpose, within our soft Peace are present measuring cycles which store in an automatic way the reference origin of the machining to be performed.

b) To check that the work has been well performed. This kind of performance is not achievable with our software Peace, but with the use of a program developed by third parties.

In the usual web page where you can download the file .pdf that illustrates these probes, you can also download a catalog created by Hexagon Metrology which explains in full this kind of performance.

Way in which the probe can be mounted
a) Manually. If the use of the probe is intermittent, this may be the preferred solution as it involves less cost and given that the data transmission to the NC is done via cable, does not involve the problem of periodic replacement of batteries.

b) In automatic mode using the tool changer.

Type of spindle on which it is possible to mount these types of probes
On all types of spindles of our production, namely cone Hsk32, Hsk40 or Hsk50 both manual assembly that using the tool changer.