Overview of the machine with several optional accessories installed

It is a machining center with three axes, characterized by a working range of small / medium size and realized in two versions of the spindle that are employed in applications quite different from each other but have in common the need to have a degree finishing, precision and thermal stability (absence of drifts due to heating of the spindle) particularly high.

Head Spindle type S
Allow to have a number of spindle revolutions important (24,000 rev per min) joined to a significant power that allows to carry out removal of material having a certain importance. The field of use is the classic in making molds of aluminum or steel (also hardened) but which do not require a removal capacity particularly important. Of course, the general mechanical engineering remains an important area for this type of configuration.

Head Spindle type H
Unlike the S version that uses a motor-spindle is equipped with a electric spindle. The installed power is considerably lower, but it has the advantage of having a number of revolutions particularly important (32,000 rev per min) and a “roundness” of rotation (lack of vibrations and thus noise), particularly important. Typical applications are all classic workmanship of high quality engraving where the technical characteristics of our integrated software on the machine Peace are exalted in a special way. It can also find advantageous use in a whole series of processes of micro machining (tool Ø widely used less than 1 mm). Another interesting field of application is the realization of graphite electrodes which can be provided (on request) a suction plant particularly effective. It has a slightly lower purchase cost with respect to the spindle head version S.