Fields of Application

Overview of the machine with several optional accessories installed

It is a three-axis machining center which has a field of work, compared to the overall dimensions of the machine, very big. It is used when executing the following processes:

• All classical works of high quality engraving. Thanks to our integrated software on board Peace (optional accessory), all the typical operations of this kind of operations will be easily achievable.

• Technical light milling Machining where are required a degree of finish, accuracy and thermal stability (no drifts due to heating of spindle) particularly high.

• Implementation of fashion accessories. Thanks to the availability, as an optional, of our supplementary table of self-locking pieces, you can assemble a large number of flat bars of brass or other material able to use almost entirely throughout the work area. In this way the machine may have a range of machining particularly important without the presence of human personnel.

• Construction of molds even in the case in which both request the direct machining hardened steel, but where it is required a volume of removal of material compatible with the type of tool holder used and the available spindle power.