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New machine structure
The structure of our CNC machines has always been innovative.

In 1983, we introduced one of the first on the market, our model M64 which was characterized by a structure with classic portal (XZ on the head, Y on the work surface).

It is a machine structure that was adopted in the construction of numerous machines also not manufactured by us.

Starting from the portal structure above, we went a step further by moving the y-axis from the plane moving across the bar that holds the axle XZ. By doing so you will get the following benefits:

– The Y axis screw is placed exactly on the center of the working range of the Z axis and therefore in an ideal position to cancel any torque load due to the movement of the Y axis.

– Equally the sliding blocks of the Y are in the center of the working range of the Z axis

– The sliding blocks of the Y axis are considerably spaced, thus ensuring great stability both to the handling of the X axis and consequently the axis Z. It is, in other words, a structure that uses a mechanical gantry axis for the displacement of the axis Y.

The respective telescopic guards are in raised position with respect to the work plane and in an area considerably less affected by the chips compared to the classical portal machines.

-Work plan at this point is totally stopped and anchored so extremely rigid (as you can see from the photo) from a vertical wall.

– The chip evacuation at this point is particularly facilitated since on the base has been possible to obtain a sliding plane shavings significantly tilted (~ 45 °).

To further increase the technical value of this machine, in order to obtain maximum stability, the base has been realized in granite polymer.