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Being all three movements on the head, the work plan is flange vertically on the base, thus ensuring a great overall stiffness.

Even chip evacuation is greatly facilitated and does not go to minimally interfere with the protections both axis X and Y that are located in a raised position with respect to the working area.

Excellent is also the visibility of the working area by the user as the gateway to the workspace is positioned a few inches from the end of the work area.

Ball bearing screw characteristics and translation axes guides
– X and Y axis diameter: 32 mm
– Z axis diameter: 25 mm
– Screw pitch X Y: 20 mm per revolution
– Screw pitch Z: 10 mm per revolution
– Material: hardened and ground steel with ceramic material nut balls
– Dimensions roller block size X Z axis: size 25
– Dimensions roller block size Y axis: size 35

Position transducer axes
Standard: incremental encoders on the screws.
On option: absolute optical scales.

Fourth axis continuous; model DC23 (optional)
Given the rigidity of the work table and the fact that all movements of the axes are on the head, was particularly easy to add a fourth axis continuous whose main features are:

– working area remaining available in the normal processing in three axes: unchanged (raising the chuck piece holder)
– technology used: torque motor of our own construction which has a maximum continuous torque of 40 Nm
– mechanical lock rotary axis having a particularly accurate mechanical construction allows a locking torque of 340 Nm
– maximum diameter of rotation of the working piece: 230 mm
– diameter chuck: the one shown in the rendering is 160 mm. We can install other models of chuck with larger diameters.

Being mounted in the front of working table, the encasing should have an available area increased of 180 mm. Therefore, this accessory can be supplied only if ordered with the machine.