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Overall dimensions 1,080×3,000×2,130 mm
Net working travels X=400, Y=300, Z=300 mm
Maximum workpiece thickness under the bridge   200 mm
Polymeric Granite Base    
Preset tool length standard accessory    
Total weight   3,100 kg
Working speed from 0 to 30,000 mm per min
Rapid traverse rate   30 meters per min
Maximum thrust on each axis   500 N
Acceleration on three axes 10,000 mm per sec2 (1G)
Positioning precision (VDI 3441)   ±0.015 mm
Repeatability accuracy (VDI 3441)   ±0.005 mm
Positioning precision with optical scales (VDI 3441)   ±0.008 mm
Repeatability accuracy with optical scales (VDI 3441)   ±0.001 mm
Dimensions   450×400 mm
Threaded holes clamping pieces   M8x16
Total number of holes   72
Distance between holes   50×50 mm
SPINDLE Hsk32 Hsk40
Maximum distance from maximum thickness piece to attack tool holder 190 mm 190 mm
Minimum distance between the work plan and attack tool holder 90 mm 90 mm
Minimum distance between the work plan and the standard tool nut 25 mm 10 mm
Tool holder DIN 69893 Hsk32/E Hsk40/E
Maximum RPM 30,000/40,000 32,000
Spindle power continuous duty (S1) 5 Kw 12 Kw
Max torque spindle 4.1 Nm 9.3 Nm
Rigid tapping standard    
Number of tools available 6/22/48 18/40
Maximum tool Ø 28 mm 34 mm
Max tool locked with standard collect Ø 10 mm 16 mm
Max tool locked with special collect Ø 13 mm
Tool change time chip to chip average 9 sec 9 sec
Time to swap tools 3 sec 3 sec
Absolute encoder position made with optical scales    
Electric spindle with 40,000 rpm    
Upper closure encasing    
Continuous dividing head model DC12 manually tilting    
Tracing head DIGIT2    
Software Peace integrated on the machine to simplify programming to the maximum  
Vacuum Pump    
Coolant system    
Air blow on the tool    
Minimal quantity lubrication of the tool