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Unlike of what done in most machining centres, it is built in a quite unconventional way.
It is separated from the machine and this to so that should not be affected negatively by the vibrations generated by the normal use of a numerical control machine. You can program the machine is in a sitting position that standing.
We follow the philosophy of using two Pc IE:

Pc used as a Numerical Control
• Operating System Florenz (derived from Linux)
• RAM Installed Size 4 GB
• Dual Core Processor
• Solid state hard drive (SSD) having a capacity of 30 GB. On this Pc must be installed only the software of Cn. This data storage capacity is thus largely sufficient for all requirements of current and future data storage, even taking into account the natural evolution of Cn software and Linux will have in the coming years.

Programming Pc
• Operating system Windows 8.1 64-bit
• RAM Installed Size 4 GB (expandable to 32GB)
• Dual Core processor with integrated GPU
• Hard disk solid state drive (SSD) 240GB
• Monitor 22″ having a resolution of 1680×1050 pixels
• If considered appropriate, it is possible to install on this Pc any other program provided that is compatible with Windows

Selected Hardware
Both Pc are assembled directly by us and this in order to select the components of the best quality on the market and to have, thanks to the presence of a heat exchanger air/air, the maximum reliability in the time.