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Vise to hold the work piece and to fold it
To make the best possible working conditions, the work piece is stuck in a very stiff. To meet this condition the Vice that we use only components made of steel or cast iron, and has important dimensions. The rotation is achieved with the use of a controlled axis through the use of a linear motor or “torque” i.e. without mechanical actuators.

It follows not only a great speed of rotation (to perform a shift of 180º the time used is

It is also possible to perform all the machining with the vice in any position tilted (within a range of ± 15°) while retaining a great simplicity of programming. In fact, all offsets of axis translations due to the tilted axes are calculated automatically by our software Peace.

The time required to manually change the width of the clamp is less than 1 minute.

Format change made automatically on option
In order to simplify the transition from one process to another and then to speed up to the realization of the samples, it is also possible to obtain a variation of the width (Y) of the clamp in an automatic way by the work cycle. You can then send the job in automatic sequence workpieces having possibly all three dimensions (XYZ) different between them.