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NC Hardware
Built on basic PCs, it is transformed into numerical control thanks to the presence of the Master Link board that is housed inside the control cabinet and manage the axes at the top of the high-speed performance. It is a PC dedicated to the exclusive use of the electronic steering of the machine and therefore does not permit the installation of other programs. The data exchange between the PC and the Master Link board is via an Ethernet cable made with special care. If the evolution of the soft NC would require more computing power (which in the past has happened more than once), you can replace its PCs with a more powerful at really very low cost.

In case the customer decides not to buy our software Peace complete with its Pc in Windows 10 environment, you can transfer data processing to be performed by the company network on cable (not via a wireless connection), or via USB stick.

PC Hardware Characteristics Used as Numerical Control
• Installed RAM 4 GB
• Processor Intel Dual Core 2Ghz
• disk solid state disk (SSD) 64GB

Modules Input / Output
The data exchange with the inputs and outputs (I / O) is via dedicated modules each of which is equipped with a signaling LED for each input or output to simplify any troubleshooting. The connection to the Master Link is via optical fiber

Axis Drives
The drives are connected to the Master Link via optical fiber and are free of the usual electronic cards pilot. In other words they are constituted only by the power modules.

Basic Software
As operating system uses FlorenZ namely a modified version of Linux with proprietary software to meet optimally the needs of Real Time typical of a numerical control.

Drives Software
The most innovative part of this control is constituted by the fact that the whole part of the drives logic is contained directly within the NC soft, this solution that has permitted to abolish the usual electronic cards piloting drives. All to the advantage of a better degree of finish on the working piece, and especially of a greater reliability.

Diagnostic Software
Very many are the diagnostic programs and putting into service of the machine which, above, shows, by way of example, only some screens shots.

Software Calculation Proactively Working Time
Very useful can be the provision of know in advance, without requiring the real execution of the working piece, the actual time of a machining operation with a calculation error of a few seconds, and this also in the case in which the machine is carrying out in the same time a real machining. The calculation is performed by a virtual copy of NC in Windows programming Pc, while the data display and the interface to the user is carried out by our soft Peace.

Data Exchange with the Windows PC on which the Software is Installed Peace
It was achieved through a conventional network card and its crossover cable

The manufacturer of this numerical control is D.Electron (Italy) –