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Feeder pieces to be sent in working
The feeder pieces, which does not require any type of registration in order to adapt it to various sizes of pieces can move, can hold up to 90 pieces in separate cells. It is therefore unnecessary to use slabs perfectly flat and on each cell you can assign a different program.

The movement of the pieces to be sent to work is through cylinders that push the piece on specific sliding surfaces. At the end of the loading cycle, the workpiece will be perfectly in the end stop of the X axis. It will be possible to send in work even pieces of considerable weight without ever risking that the presence of chips or bars not perfectly cleaned could compromise the regular handling of pieces, inconvenience that instead we could have if we had used a solution of the grip piece by a vacuum suction.

Eliminating manually alternately trays on which are mounted the pieces to be sent in process, it will be also possible to mount pieces of the substantially increased thickness is to say up to 28 mm. To make these particulars compatible with the clamping brackets, they must preventively milled laterally to bring the thickness to a maximum of 12 mm and with width for this part equal to 3 mm.

Ejection device workpieces on option
At the end of the processing cycle, also the unloading of the worked pieces can be automated so as to keep them separate from the chips produced by the milling.