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Above were the features of power and torque. Thanks to the protection of the spindle by thermal imaging, you can overload the power output of 100% for a limited time. Then the output power limit should not be interpreted as a limit, but as the average power output limit.

The bearings used are of hybrid type, namely steel rings and ceramic balls.

Given the high value of ndm (*) equal to 1,920,000, has led us to use the minimal lubrication of the bearings.

This electrospindle is made by us and this in order to have an average duration “on the field” of over 15,000 hours of use. When a repair will be necessary, we’ll do it quickly and with particularly reduced costs.

Rigid tapping

On this spindle can be mounted threading tools directly on the collect of the toolholder. The CNC will in fact synchronize the movement of the descent of the Z axis, taking into account both the number of revolutions and the programmed pitch of the threading tools mounted, to perform the tapping requested.

Cooling of the tool from the inside of the spindle axis
This is a particularly important characteristic of the implementation of which has not resulted in a reduction of the maximum number of R.P.M. that this spindle can have. When this option is present, it is added also a specific water pump joined to a filtering system of the liquid of higher quality having an impurity max 0.01mm.

(*) ndm (speed factor) = speed of rotation in RPM x mean bearing diameter in mm