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Tool changer
For this type of machine, there is only one type of tool changer with 62 positions located above the area in which the workpieces are mounted. If required, it will be easy to make a tool change with a greater number of tools. Inside the tool change it is also possible to position the probe.

While the machine is working, the tool changer mount on a shuttle the tool that will serve to further processing. So this is an operation that takes place in masked time.

At the end of the current process, the tool below will already be fitted on the shuttle and this for a tool change time as fast as possible. As the processing resumes with the new tool mounted on the spindle, the tool will return it to its previous position, which is that this will happen again in masked time.

Pallet changer
The system used to bring the selected tool in work is largely the usual that is used to bring the pallet in work which then performs a dual function.

At the end of the machining process, the robot will proceed to place the pallet in its position and take the pallet required by the program from the carousel. Everything is perfectly visible from the movie callable directly from this web page.