Fields of Application

Front view of the machine of our model M1015T. The chip conveyor is an optional accessory

It is a machining Center with three axes with a very big working area and produced in three different versions. Each version is used in fairly specific applications than the others but in any case that requires the need to have a degree of finish, accuracy and thermal stability (absence of drifts due to heating of the spindle) particularly high.

T version
Is the most powerful version and the one that allows the passage of a major piece thickness. Noteworthy, given the considerable power of the spindle, the fact that the spindle has a number of revolutions important (20,000 RPM). The scope of its most common use is in the manufacture of molds and models and of course the realization of mechanical parts.

S version
In addition to being less powerful than the version T, also allows a minor piece passage under the bridge, but allows to have a number of revolutions on the spindle slightly higher (24,000 RPM). The field of use is in the realization of classic aluminum molds (for example molds for footwear) or steel but which do not require a very high power on the spindles. Obviously, the general mechanical engineering remains an important sector for this type of machine. The difference in cost compared to the model T is quite limited.

H version
Compared to version S, this version shares all the machine structure, but instead mounts an electro spindle in place of a motor-spindle. The installed power is therefore considerably lower but has the advantage of having a number of revolutions particularly important (32,000 RPM’). Typical applications are all classic workmanship of high quality engraving where the technical characteristics of our integrated software on the machine Peace are celebrated in a special way. May also find advantageous use in a whole series of machining of micro machining (Ø tool used widely less than 1 mm) but on pieces having dimensions important. The difference in cost compared to the model S is important.